On 24th June 1717, four Lodges met together to form the world’s first Grand Lodge.  From that day on other Lodges joined that premier Grand Lodge and Freemasonry began its growth to become one of the world’s foremost non-religious and non-political fraternal and charitable  organisations.  In 2017 the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) will celebrate three hundred years of Freemasonry.

The Freemasons of Derbyshire will hold their own local events to commemorate and celebrate this milestone achievement.

Details of the local and national celebrations will be published here.  Events and commemorations under discussion include:

1)   Grand Temple Organ refurbishment
2)   New branding – available for use shortly and mandatory from 24/6/2016
3)   New museum – to be moved to the Regency Room to accommodate 3 times as many non-Freemasons visiting than Freemasons
4)   Victoria Cross Stones – to commemorate Masonic VCs – April 2017
5)   National Arboretum Memorial – Masonic Garden to have full refurbishment and UGLE to make major contribution
6)   Open Day / Car Rally – July 2017 – Masonic Halls to hold Open Days on same day – Vintage Car rally through Provinces
7)   Touring Opera – 2017
8)   Big Event – Royal Albert Hall – 31/10/2017 – local events at same time with RAH proceedings streamed live

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