The Library and Museum of the
Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire

The Library and Museum is situated within Derby Masonic Hall and is open from
September to June inclusive, on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Opening hours are 10.15 am to 1.00 pm inclusive.
The Library may be opened at other times by appointment.

The Library is run by a small team of volunteers who are tasked with the preservation and management of the Provincial collections. In essence there are four significant collections:

  • Books and Lectures Comprising over 3,000 books and several hundred lectures the majority of which may be loaned to Brethren
  • Jewels and Regalia Including Charity Jewels, Lodge Jewels and a few historical aprons. These are available for handling by Brethren
  • Warrants and Certificates These include certificates, warrants and ephemera from several Masonic degrees, some dating from the 18th century, and are available for research
  • The Provincial Archive contains registers, documents, Lodge Histories, photographs and Transactions. The archive, so badly damaged by fire in 1991, is gradually being re-established.

Much of our Masonic history is revealed within these collections, which have over many years been built up from the donations of a succession of Derbyshire Freemasons. The Library, in its present form as a lending and researching facility, was established in 1907. All brethren have complete access to the collections. So, if your interest is in borrowing a book, researching a talk, historical curiosity, personal interest or merely wishing to engage in a chat about things Masonic – that’s our interest too. Please come along and see us.

We have recently engaged in a more proactive and educational role by initiating a series of Forum meetings. Our inaugural meeting was in May 2015 and was very successful. These meetings are open to Freemasons and non-Masons alike, but booking is essential. Please look out for details of future meetings.

Currently the Library is helping Tyrian Lodge to record and catalogue the books and papers of the distinguished Freemason, the late VW Bro The Revd. Neville Barker-Cryer; a legacy to Tyrian Lodge reflecting both his membership and affection to the Lodge.

If you have any items that you would like to donate to the Museum, or that you wish us to help in identifying, please come along or get in touch. You will receive a warm welcome.

Contact email address:

The Library Team

Provincial Librarian & Archivist – Colin Clayton
Curator – Brian Harper
Assistant Archivist – Denzil Phillips
Library Team Member – Paul Chaffe

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