Having been appointed as Provincial Grand Almoner in April 2015, it quickly became very apparent to me that an immense amount of work is being completed by our Almoners, Assistants and Case Almoners who go silently about their business, supporting our many distressed Brethren and their connections.

We have around two thousand eight hundred members within our Province. A higher proportion than most of us would appreciate have needs for support of one type of another, whether it be related to age, health, finances or coping with life’s ups and downs. Often these needs are not brought to the attention of the Lodge Almoner by the member concerned but by someone else. Therefore, I ask every Freemason in Derbyshire to be an “Almoner’s Assistant”, to look out for brethren in need and call upon the Lodge Almoner to assist where required.

Our Almoners also look after the widows of deceased Freemasons. This is an important facet of their work. Talking with widows I know that many appreciate hearing form the Lodge. An increasing number of Lodges now invite their widows to the wide range of Lodge social events. I wholeheartedly support this and encourage more Lodges to do so.

It is often the case that elderly Masons who no longer wish to go out at night tender their resignation from their Lodge. As an alternative I remind all brethren – and Lodge Secretaries in particular – that we have two daylight Lodges within the Province. Meridian Lodge of Derbyshire № 9629 meets at Dore and Grange Lodge № 9639 meets at Derby. Both Lodges are very welcoming to visitors and joining members.

The central Masonic Charities are going through a process of consolidation and by April 2016 we can expect to have a single Craft Charity. This will make it easier to administer support for the whole Masonic family in need, from cradle to grave.

I have secured the support of two Assistant Almoners and warmly welcome, WBro Darren Gibson, of Okeover Lodge № 1324, and WBro Mike Oldfield, of Pheonix Lodge St Ann № 1235.

I do thank every member of the Province who is working hard to support those of our brethren and their families who are in need. Long may this be a feature of the brotherly love we all share.

WBro George Frost PPGReg
Provincial Grand Almoner

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