RWBro Steven Varley was installed as the Provincial Grand Master for Derbyshire on 1st April, 2015.

RW Bro. Steven Varley,
Provincial Grand Master for Derbyshire


Steven is a third generation Freemason who was initiated into Saint Werburga Lodge № 4147 by his father, WBro Arthur Varley, in 1983.  He was installed as Master of 4147 in 1994 and has since served in office as Charity Steward and as Director of Ceremonies.  His first Provincial appointment was an acting one as Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2001, followed by Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 2006 and promotion to Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden in 2007.  Subsequently he was appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master in 2012.  Grand ranks followed with a first appointment to Past Assistant Grand Registrar in 2011 and then to acting office as Senior Grand Deacon in 2013.  Steven also served as the Secretary of the Derbyshire Festival 2014.

Having been educated at Denstone College, Steven joined Old Denstonian Lodge 5490 in Staffordshire and became its Master in 1995.  He is also a member of the Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters № 8509.  Beyond the Craft he was Exalted into Chapter of Justice 253 in 1986 and became its First Principal in 2000.  He was promoted PPrGSN in March 2015.  He is currently Third Principal of Old Denstonian Chapter № 5490. 

Steven is active in other Orders, including Mark Masonry (Past Grand Junior Deacon), Royal Ark Mariners (Past Commander of All Saints Lodge № 503), Knights Templar (Provincial Grand Marshall and Past Great Aide-de-Camp in Great Priory), Rose Croix (31°),  Red Cross of Constantine (Grand Warden of Regalia) and Knights Templar Priests (Past Grand II Pillar).  He is also a member of Royal & Select Masters and Knights Beneficent of the Holy City.

After Denstone College, Steven went to the University of Liverpool to read Law, graduating Bachelor of Law with Honours.  He practices as a Solicitor and is Senior Partner of VHS Fletchers.  He is the Chair of Governors (Custos) of Denstone College Prep School at Smallwood Manor.

Steven has been married to Ruth, an Assistant Head Teacher, for twenty-six years and they have two children.  Steven played rugby for Derby, New Brighton and Nottingham RFCs as well as representing Notts, Lincs and Derbys in the County Championship.  He is a Vice President of Derby RFC, was a senior rower with Derby Rowing Club and still regularly goes to the gym regularly and watches rugby – time permitting.  Steven’s other principal hobbies include military history and the theatre.

Clearly our Provincial Grand Master is not only an experienced and accomplished Freemason but also a highly respected and successful man with wide personal interests.  He brings to his office the qualities of warm friendship, clear focus and good leadership.  The future is looking good for the Craft in Derbyshire.

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