The 75 Craft Lodges in Derbyshire fall under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire and the rule of its Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Steven Varley.
Derby in England
Derbyshire is one of 47 Provinces under the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

The Province was formed in 1789, four years after its oldest surviving Lodge, Tyrian Lodge No. 253, was constituted.  Freemasonry was first established in the county in 1732 but the first Lodge no longer survives.

Today the Province of Derbyshire is a thriving Masonic community with just under 3,000 members spread across the whole geography of the county.  The Province is administered by a team led by the Provincial Grand Secretary from its offices within Derby Masonic Hall.  Senior members have responsibility for various initiatives and projects aimed at developing the health and strength of our members Lodges, and improving and enhancing the Masonic education and experience of our members.

This years Provincial Team

The image to the right details the Active Officers for the year, just right click on it so you can have a look in more detail.

Please follow the link here to learn about the Provincial team, the link here to contact the Provincial office and the link here to learn about current initiatives.  The Lodges and venues pages can be used to find specific meetings.

To keep up to date with events, news and developments in the Province, please subscribe to receive news on the “News & events” page.

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