Orations and talks

As Provincial Grand Orator, Bromley Kniveton sees his role as providing a resource for members of Lodges to ‘make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge’. He visits Lodges to present talks on various aspects of Freemasonry. He has also encouraged a number of other Freemasons with specialist knowledge to present their own talks. He hopes that Freemasons in Derbyshire will find these stimulating and informative, thus supporting the Provincial Grand Master’s desire to broaden the interests of Freemasons beyond our ceremonies.

The talks are intended to encourage thought and discussion amongst junior and senior Freemasons alike. Ideally the talks are built in to a Lodge’s annual programme, to complement the progressive ceremonies. Most of the talks are designed for presentation when Entered Apprentices are present.

The range of topics include examining the origin of Freemasonry, the significance of symbolism generally and various specific aspects of our ritual and procedures. The complete list together with some background detail of each talk has been distributed to lodge Secretaries. Those currently available include:

  1. Myth, mystery and the origins of Masonry
  2. Free and of mature age: Beginning the Masonic journey
  3. Jacob’s ladder
  4. Why still bother with the ritual?
  5. An interpretation of the Masonic Apron
  6. What do we mean by veiled in allegory?
  7. Searching for Freemasonry’s ‘ancient secrets’
  8. What is Freemasonry?
  9. ‘That great light’
  10. After the Third Degree
  11. 1813 And All That
  12. A Free Man
  13. Behind the Second Degree Tracing Board (To be given in the 2nd Degree)
  14. Where did we come from? A history of English Freemasonry as far as the formation of the United Grand Lodge in 1813.
  15. The Doctor, the lodge and the Balloonist
  16. The Temples at Jerusalem
  17. The Crusades: The Templars and the Templar Masonic Myth

Bromley Kniveton can be contacted by email here.

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