Submitting material for the website and newsletters

The Province welcomes and encourages brethren to submit written and visual material to promote and inform other members and the public about Masonic events, activities and the achievements of brethren.

All contributions for the website, newsletters and press releases should be sent to and be accompanied by your name and contact details.

You should confirm that the contribution is your original work and that it does not infringe copyright. If the material is not your work, you should confirm that you have permission from the copyright holder to use the material submitted. This requirement includes images and other material, as well as the written word.

Before we can publish any photograph of a member of the public who can be identified from the photograph we require signed written permission from that person or, in the case of a child, the child’s parent or legal guardian.  The Provincial consent form must be used for this purpose, which can be downloaded and printed from here.

Once received, all submitted material may be published through any Provincial communication channel that the editor considers appropriate. This includes this website, social media and newsletters. The material may also be submitted to external publications, Masonic and otherwise, for them to consider publication.

The editor reserves the right to edit, amend, update and otherwise prepare all contributions for publication. No further correspondence will be entered into on the matter and all editorial decisions are final.

The editor also reserves the right to reject contributions. Once again, no correspondence will be entered into on the matter.

Submitting material signifies consent to these conditions.

Details of upcoming events should include the following information:

  • Lodge Name & No
  • Event title
  • Event date
  • Event description (to promote the event)
  • Event venue
  • Venue address
  • Start & finish times
  • Cost
  • Bookings contact details
  • Dress code
  • Special instructions

News of past events should include the following information:

  • Lodge Name & No
  • Event title
  • Event date
  • Event venue
  • A story covering what was special about the occasion
  • Key people involved (please check correct titles, names and spelling)
  • Any sums raised
  • Any other organisations involved (please check correct names and spelling)
  • A good quality photograph (at least 300 dpi)

While formal photographs showing the Master and others in a line up are of value to us in recording events, these are less meaningful for the public. The media are unlikely to publish them. Similarly, photographs of cheque presentations are of interest to the parties involved but less so to others. If you can take a photograph of something active this is more likely to be published externally.

For major events, please ask for a Provincial reporter and photographer to attend, giving good notice in advance to

Tony Harvey
Editor & Provincial Communication Officer (Membership)

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