From 1st April 2016, all four Central Masonic Charities (CMCs) have been consolidated under the new Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) (Registered Charity No. 1164703).  The four CMCs continue to exist as subsidiary funds to receive legacy donations and the proceeds of the Festivals up to 2021.  However, the Masonic Charitable Foundation acts as the single corporate trustee of the each of the CMCs.  A new board of trustees has been appointed and the staff of the four CMCs are transferring over to the MCF under the leadership of VW Bro. His Honour Judge Richard Hone, QC, President Designate, and David Innes, the Chief Executive Officer.

The new charity will raise money in the same manner as the CMCs.  Each year four Provinces will celebrate a Charity Festival in aid of the MCF.  The first of these festivals will take place in 2022.

The income generated will be devoted to Masonic and community causes.  The Masonic causes will focus on the whole Masonic family, from “cradle to grave”, with a single set of eligibility criteria.  This is a major shift.  From now on a single application process will allow all a family’s needs to be addressed in a uniform manner.  Community causes will continue with the same focus as was previously adopted by the Grand Charity but the MCF will now have a larger presence and is more likely to be noticed by the public and the media.

Further details about the MCF can be found by visiting its website here and by downloading the Essential Guide.

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