The Derbyshire Lecture Festival is an annual event at which some of our newer brethren deliver parts of the, “Lectures of the Three Degrees of Craft Masonry as demonstrated in the Emulation Lodge of Improvement.”   The lectures are of great antiquity and far older than the Craft Ceremonial we use today. Many of the sections are stunningly beautiful. They are delivered with great feeling and enthusiasm, thus breathing new life into the deeper meanings within the text.  Thus not only is daily advancement assured, but also because they are heard so rarely, a very special evening for audience and participants is guaranteed.

Over the years the Festival has developed into a well supported event where brethren – who are Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts and Master Masons from across the Province – have the opportunity of studying ritual and delivering it to a high standard.  An enthusiastic group of experienced brethren assists in identifying and encouraging brethren from around the Province to take part in the event.  The Festival is held in a different venue each year, under the sponsorship of a different Lodge, to enable as many brethren as possible to enjoy the occasion.

The evening consists of Opening the Lodge and fully Closing it in all Three Degrees. The offices are taken by members of the Festival team below the rank of an Installed Master.  There are usually four sections of the lectures worked.  The Festival Preceptor asks the questions to which the Brother working the particular section responds. In true Emulation style there is only one worker for each section. Sections are not divided up across the team. Obviously the level of expertise required takes a fair amount of practice and hard work. There are six rehearsals held monthly the first one in January.

Details of the 2016 Festival will be posted here as soon as arrangements have been made.

Anyone who wishes to nominate someone to take part in the next Festival should contact W Bro. Steve Jones, Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

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