Engineers’ Lodge № 9493

Meeting at Ripley Masonic Hall
Meeting dates 4th Mondays in March, September & November,
2nd Monday in May.
Regular meeting times 6.00 pm
Installation meeting March
Installation meeting time 4.30pm
Warrant Dated 11th November 1992
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Engineers Lodge No. 9493 was founded by 25 brethren whose profession is Engineering and whose combined activities embrace many of its branches. They came from seven different Masonic Provinces. Of the original Founders, eight remain. It is fitting that the Lodge’s first Master belonged to one of its oldest branches of the profession, Mining, and that the first candidate to be initiated and the first joining member were engaged in two of its youngest, electronics and aviation. The majority of the current members have a background in Engineering and still hail from a wide spread of Provinces. The lodge holds only four regular meetings per year, but supplements these with up to four open social events where we unite in being happy and communicating happiness at the same time as raising funds for worthy charitable causes. As our motto, Fratres Ingeniosi, suggests, we are “Brethren who are Ingenious” and this is often reflected in the novelty of our social events.

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