Pioneer Lodge № 9065

Meeting at The Masonic Hall, Belper
Drum Hill Campsite, Derbyshire (June)
Peripatetic venue§ (July)
Meeting dates 3rd Tuesdays in February, April, June & October,
2nd Saturdays in July & September.
(June is our Uniform Meeting)
Regular meeting times 6.30 pm (Tuesdays)
3.00 pm (Saturdays)
Installation meeting September
Installation meeting time 3.00 pm
Warrant Dated 10th November, 1982
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§ We select a Masonic Hall away from our base for this meeting, coinciding with our Annual Ladies Afternoon – see below.

Pioneer was founded in 1982, the seventy-fifth anniversary of the foundation of Scouting, as a Lodge for those with an interest or background in Scouting. It is a member of the Kindred Lodges Association, which promotes relationships between Freemasonry and youth organisations. We do of course welcome potential members from all walks of life!

Being a unique Lodge, we don’t simply meet at one venue! Reflecting our peripatetic origins, we hold one Meeting a year at the local County Scout Campsite, at which members and visitors wear the uniform of their youth organisation. One of our Saturday meetings is held in a Masonic venue that is convenient to an attraction selected by the Master’s Lady – the girls go out and have fun for a few hours while we hold a regular meeting under dispensation; with the afternoon culminating in a wonderful white table dinner.

Pioneer has a very warm and friendly atmosphere and a good standard of ritual. It uses Taylor’s Workings and is the the only Lodge in the Province of Derbyshire to do so, resulting in some light hearted exchanges between members and those visitors who have not come across Taylors before.

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