Spencer Lodge № 8773

Meeting at Derby Masonic Hall
Meeting dates 4th Thursdays in January, February,
March, June & September,
4th Wednesdays in April, October & November.
Regular meeting times 6.30 pm
Installation meeting June
Installation meeting time 5.00 pm
Warrant dated 9th February, 1977
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Spencer Lodge was consecrated (held its first meeting) on St. George’s Day, 23rd April 1977. From the outset the membership has been drawn from diverse backgrounds but has always been united by the warmth of the welcome it extends to visiting Brethren and prospective candidates for Initiation into the Craft.

In addition to regular meetings the Lodge holds three signature events each year. One of them can only be attended by Freemasons and that is the patriotically themed evening held in April to celebrate both the Lodge’s anniversary and St. George’s Day. At the other two we welcome both Freemasons, non-masons and their partners: in December we have a “Christmas Cracker” (the clue is in the name – it is held around Christmas and we go crackers for an evening) and in May we bring our Masonic year to a close with a Ladies Evening.

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