Mentor Lodge № 7064

Meeting at Derby Masonic Hall
Meeting dates 1st Thursdays in February, March, April, June,
October, November & December.
Regular meeting times 6.15 pm
Installation meeting April
Installation meeting time 5.30 pm
Warrant dated 7th February 1951
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Mentor Lodge was formed in 1951 as a strict Emulation Lodge. Its founders’ aim was to improve the standard of ritual in Derbyshire following the post-war years. During its early years it had a Lecture Team who gave demonstration lectures regarding the Three Degrees in Craft Masonry to other Lodges in the Province. The Lodge does not currently provide Lectures, but still adheres to the Emulation Ritual standards for its ceremonies. The Lodge of Instruction associated with the Lodge is the only Lodge in Derbyshire recognised by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement in London.

The Lodge motto is Aemulari Ad Amussim – Aemulari is more or less self explanatory and is here taken as a combination of ‘to strive after’ and ‘to emulate’. Ad Amussim was a technical term used by Roman stone masons meaning ‘by the plumb line’. Hence its use in literature meaning ‘correct in every particular’. The whole motto is therefore particularly apt for the purposes of the Lodge:- Strive to be correct in every particular, emulate perfection.

We are a Lodge who will make you most welcome should you wish to visit or join us.

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