King Egbert Lodge № 4288

Meeting at Dore Masonic Hall
Meeting dates 1st Tuesdays in February, March, April, May, June, July,
September, October, November & December.
Regular meeting times 6.30 pm
Installation meeting March
Installation meeting time 4.30pm
Warrant dated 30th May 1921
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In May 1921, King Egbert Lodge was consecrated at Dore. Of its 20 founders, the majority were brethren of Chantrey Lodge. Amongst the rest was a Manx mason, the Rev GJ Ekins, vicar of a Sheffield church. He was appointed the lodge’s first chaplain. However, when he ceased being Lodge Chaplain, the brethren decided that they would only ever appoint an ordained priest to the post in future. This tradition remained until comparatively recently when the late WBro Derek Button was appointed to succeed WBro Rev Tom Askey, a former Provincial Grand Chaplain who retired.

The Lodge became very successful as a long waiting list for Initiation developed, with membership peaking at 92 with progression to the Stewards bench and Chair taking many years. Therefore eleven Past Masters and sixteen Brethren met to consider the forming of yet another Lodge. It resulted in the formation of their daughter lodge, Bretwalda, consecrated on 25th March 1950 at the Palace Hotel, Buxton in great style.

Early circulars included a timetable of trains and buses to and from Dore and Sheffield. During the lodge’s early period, Installation festive boards were always held at the Royal Victoria Hotel Sheffield, and dinner jackets were always worn.

King Egbert Lodge lodge celebrated its 50th anniversary on 20th March 2000, held at Dore with a splendid Seven course dinner at the festive board similar to the original meal.

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