Formal Visits

Detailed below are the occasions when senior members of the Province will make a formal visit to a Lodge. In effect this calendar runs for the current Masonic year. Typically the meeting will be a full-dress occasion with a formal procession into the Lodge Room.


Date Lodge № Lodge Name Venue Officiating
23 March 9539 Amadeus Lodge Installation Dore JH Bentley ProvJGW
25 March 9347 Flyfishers’ Lodge Installation Ashbourne C Taylor ProvSGW
27 March 9493 Engineers’ Lodge Installation Ripley C Taylor ProvSGW
28 March 9130 Sure & Stedfast Lodge Installation Dore B Evangelista PGSwdB DPGM
6 April 7064 Mentor Lodge Installation Derby IR Copestake APGM


Date Lodge № Lodge Name Venue Officiating
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