The Provincial Grand Master has made the Masonic education of our members one of his key priorities.  All Lodges are encouraged to expand the Masonic understanding of their brethren by incorporating into their annual programme at least one meeting each year for a talk or lecture,  irrespective of the demand for ceremonies.

The Provincial Grand Orator, W Bro. Bromley Kniveton, leads a team of knowledgeable and capable brethren who are willing to visit lodges to deliver talks covering a wide range of subjects.

Programmes have been established during recent years to assist, inform and encourage brethren taking up, or moving towards, a new office within their Lodge. Those already offered include workshops and seminars for the Secretary, Director of Ceremonies, Almoner, Charity Steward, Mentor and those brethren who are progressing towards the chair of their Lodge. These have proved to be effective and well received.

The Provincial Education Officer, W Bro. Mike Lake, intends to expand the number of sessions delivered around the Province during the coming year with the objective of ensuring that brethren are (1) well informed (2) confident to perform the duties of their office and (3) have the opportunity of discussing any matters of concern with senior Provincial Officers and contemporaries.

Freemasons are expected to conduct themselves to high standards both within the Lodge and outside. The enjoyment of a Masonic meeting is greatly enhanced by the manner in which the business is conducted. Therefore, efforts will be made to ensure that brethren are aware of the expected standard of dress, how to address other brethren correctly, correct behaviour at festive boards and to improve the general understanding of Masonic etiquette. The objective is to achieve an improvement in standards and the enjoyment of every meeting by all brethren.

Details of all educational events will be posted in the events calendar.

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