Coins for Cash is a scheme set up and operated by W Bro. Bernard Eyre of Scarsdale Lodge No. 681.

He has placed collecting jars in every Masonic Hall in the Province. Brethren are asked to place any unwanted coins or notes from any country in the world in the jars. At intervals Bernard collects the contents of the jars and then processes them.

He takes them to a Registered Coin Dealer, who then sorts, collates and repatriates the currency to the appropriate Central Bank, wherever in the world they are located. High Street Banks cannot do this, at least not for so called ‘soft currencies’. If the country of origin still exists, every note or coin placed in the collection jar can be converted into sterling – regardless of age or condition. Eventually, after the dealer has deducted their commission, a cheque is sent to our Provincial Grand Charity. So far over £5,300 has been raised for our own charity through this novel approach.

The Provincial Grand Charity is most grateful to W Bro. Eyre for devoting the time and energy to make this scheme work, and to all the brethren who give coins and notes from their trips abroad towards this worthy cause. The next time you come back from overseas with unwanted coins or notes, please remember to drop them into one of the collecting jars.

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