Announcement of Appointment and Promotions in Grand Rank 2017

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Arthur Steven Varley is pleased to inform you that the following Brethren in this Province have been offered appointments or promotions to Grand Rank and will be invested at the Annual Investiture Meeting on the 26th April 2017.

First Appointment
WBro Ian Robert Copestake  – Phoenix Lodge of St Ann № 1235
Past Junior Grand Deacon

WBro Charles Andrew Gregory Cunnington – Harrington Lodge № 5098
Past Deputy Grand Sword Bearer

WBro Michael John Heeley – King Egbert Lodge № 4288
Past Junior Grand Deacon

WBro Robert Poxon – Okeover Lodge № 1324
Past Junior Grand Deacon

I am sure you will wish to join with the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master in congratulating these Brethren on their well-deserved appointments.
Edward Foulds
Provincial Grand Secretary

Remembrance Services 13th November 2016

As part of the Remembrance Services held throughout Derbyshire on Sunday 13th November the Provincial Grand Master will attend the Service in Derby Market Square and lay a wreath with the Provincial Logo.

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master has again given his permission for those Brethren in the Province attending Remembrance Services in Derbyshire on Sunday to wear their Masonic Collars.

His wish is that all towns and villages in Derbyshire with a Masonic Hall have a presence at their local service.

Those brethren who wish to organise a Masonic presence at their local Remembrance Service should contact W Bro John Wood, who will be able to give advice and assistance as necessary.

W Bro Wood is also the point of contact for those wishing to attend the parade in Derby. He will be in the Market Place / Guildhall from 10.25am on the 13th.

Those who are ex Armed Forces or Merchant Navy may march with the veterans’ contingent wearing Masonic collars along with their Service headdress and decorations.

Wreaths with the Provincial Logo are available to order from W Bro John Wood before Monday 24th October when the order will be placed. He can be contacted on 07885 429928.

Appointment of Provincial Communication Officer & Provincial Photographer

22nd August 2016

Dear Brother,

I am pleased to inform you that the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master has appointed W Bro Stuart Riley, ProvSGD, as the Provincial Communication Officer. Stuart is a member of Round Table Lodge No 8725 and well known to brethren around the Province. Stuart is responsible for all communications and will be the link between the Province and United Grand Lodge. W Bro Steve Williams is continuing to act as media spokesperson and will deal with any sensitive issues that may arise where the media request statements or comment.

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master has also been pleased to appoint W Bro David Joyce, PPAGDC, as the Provincial Photographer. David is a member of Bradelei Lodge No 9205. David has recently undertaken a number of photographic sessions for the Province including the Annual Provincial Meeting held in April. David will be available to advise all Lodges on ways to maximise the pictorial communication. Both will report through the Provincial Grand Secretary.

I trust that you will join me in wishing both Stuart and David every success in their new roles as they highlight the Province to the membership and the public at large.

Yours sincerely & fraternally,

Edward Foulds
Provincial Grand Secretary

Contact details:
Stuart Riley Tel: 07703 451556 Email:
David Joyce Tel: 07973 675755 Email:

Appointment of Assistant Provincial Grand Master

31st May 2016

Dear Brother,

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master is pleased to announce that WBro Ian Robert Copestake, PPrSGW, PM of Phoenix Lodge of St Ann 1235, has accepted his invitation to become Assistant Provincial Grand Master in succession to W Bro Martin John Graham Bates who has tendered his resignation.

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master has accepted WBro Bates’s resignation which will be effective as of 12th June 2016.

WBro Copestake will be appointed and invested at the regular meeting of High Peak Lodge 1952, to be held at the Masonic Hall, Buxton, on Monday 13th June.

Yours sincerely & fraternally,

Edward Foulds
Provincial Grand Secretary

Appointment of Grand Secretary

25th May 2016

Following the retirement of RWBro Nigel Brown as Grand Secretary at the end of April, the MW The Grand Master has been pleased to make an interim appointment to that office.

RWBro Brigadier WE Shackell, CBE, PJGW, will take up the appointment with effect from Wednesday 8th June, and will be invested as Grand Secretary in the course of the Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge on that day.

The Rulers and the Board of General Purposes believe that the process of finding a long-term successor as Grand Secretary should not be hurried, and recruitment is therefore unlikely to begin for some months.

In the meantime, I am sure that you would all wish to join in wishing Bro. Shackell well in his new role.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

President of the Board of General Purposes

Provincial Communication Officer

24th May 2016

Dear Brethren

The Provincial Grand Master has asked me to inform you that, with effect from the 31st August 2016, W Bro Tony Harvey will step down as the Provincial Communications Officer (Membership) for this Province.

In the last few months Tony has been invited to join UGLE’s Membership Focus Group and has been appointed Project Manager for the Members’ Pathway Project. He is also a Director of the Masonic Charitable Foundation and continues his active role in Scouting, promoting the relationship between these two organisations, as well as running his own business.

In accepting Tony’s request, the Provincial Grand Master acknowledges the significant contribution Tony has made to Craft Freemasonry in Derbyshire, his friendship and support.

The Provincial Grand Master hopes that you will join with him in thanking Tony for his contribution to this Province and in wishing him every success for the future and particularly the work he is undertaking on behalf of the Members’ Pathway Project.

Yours sincerely & fraternally,

Edward Foulds
Provincial Grand Secretary

Appointments to and Promotions in Grand Rank, 2016

The Provincial Grand Master has announced the names of those members of the Province who will be appointed to and promoted in Grand Rank at the Annual Investiture Meeting of Grand Lodge on Wednesday, 27th April 2016, at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street. The Provincial Grand Master hopes that all brethren of the Province will join with him in congratulating the recipients, whose names may be found here.

Those brethren qualified to attend Grand Lodge may apply to the Grand Secretary for a ticket to attend the Investiture meeting, stating in their application the basis for their qualification and the names and number of their Lodges. To qualify a Brother must be either a Grand Officer, a Past Master of a Lodge or the current Master or Warden of a Lodge.

Appointment of Provincial Membership Officer

9th March 2016

Dear Brother Secretary,

Appointment of Provincial Membership Officer

In the summer of 2014, United Grand Lodge of England announced the formation of the Membership Focus Group (MFG). In the 2014 Autumn Edition of Freemasonry Today under the heading “Open Forum” you were given an insight into why the MFG was formed and you were invited to enrol to participate in a series of surveys which lasted for a period of six months. From the results of these surveys, together with information supplied by the Provincial Grand Masters, the MFG identified ten key elements in the recruitment and retention of the Freemason which collectively form the “Membership Pathway”.

These ten steps take a gentleman who is interested in becoming a Freemason through a journey, which eventually will lead him to become a committed Master Mason. As part of the progression in these steps within the Provinces, each Provincial Grand Master was asked to appoint a Provincial Membership Officer.

I am pleased to inform you that the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master has appointed WBro Richard Johnson, ProvDGDC to the office of Provincial Membership Officer. Contact details for Richard will be circulated shortly and he will report directly to the Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

On Saturday 5th March 2016 the Membership Pathway Project was launched. Derbyshire is one of ten pilot Provinces and will be piloting two of the ten steps, namely:

  1. Preparing the prospective candidate for interview
  2. Interviewing the candidate.

This pilot will run from the beginning of September 2016 to the end of March 2017 after which the outcomes from this pilot will be reviewed.

Richard will deliver his first address on this very important topic at the Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters on Wednesday 30th March 2016.

I trust you will all join with me in wishing Richard every success in this new role.

It is essential that we obtain information on prospective candidates well before they enter the formal system of being interviewed. If you are aware of prospective candidates for your Lodge or you have a candidate which you have yet to interview, please let me have details as soon as possible. The information I would like to know is:

  1. At which stage of the recruitment process are you i.e. has he completed a Form P?
  2. When do you expect to interview him?
  3. When do you expect to propose him?
  4. When do you expect to initiate him?

I am seeking this information on any prospective candidate during the period April 2016 and March 2017. Please let me have this information by the 31st March 2016 and continually during the period mentioned above.

Please circulate this information to all members within your Lodge and read out this letter in full at the Second rising.

Yours sincerely & fraternally,

Edward Foulds
Provincial Grand Secretary


Appointment of Special Events Co-ordinator

6th November 2015

Dear Brother Secretary

I am pleased to inform you that the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master has appointed WBro Philip Bowler, PProvSGW, to be Special Events Co-ordinator.

Reporting directly to the Provincial Grand Master and liaising with the Provincial Grand Secretary, W Bro. Bowler will take the lead role and co-ordinate all special events within the Province and any other events as requested by the Provincial Grand Master. He will also be available to offer advice on the smooth running of Lodge events and to ensure compliance of statutory regulations.

Would you kindly make this information known to all of your members and included within your second rising.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Edward Foulds, PPSGW
Provincial Grand Secretary
Telephone 01332 272202

Additional appointments to Past Provincial Grand Rank

26th October 2015

Dear Brother Secretary

In celebration of RWBro Steven Varley’s appointment as Provincial Grand Master, the MW The Grand Master has authorised RWBro Varley to confer fifteen additional first appointments to past rank on members of this Province.

The brethren to be honoured, all of whom are Past Masters, will be invested on Monday, 30th November, at the regular meeting of the Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters 8509, and commencing at 6.15 p.m. at Derby Masonic Hall.

The Provincial Grand Master will attend, accompanied by the present Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge, and will open Provincial Grand Lodge, in order that the brethren so honoured may be invested with their new ranks.

The total number of first appointments to acting office and to past rank that a Provincial Grand Master may make each year may not exceed the number of Lodges in his Province. However, having received the Grand Master’s authority to confer fifteen additional past ranks our Provincial Grand Master is able to honour worthy brethren who otherwise would not receive a first appointment for some time.  Those brethren who the Provincial Grand Master has selected to receive this honour are:

Name Lodge Name Lodge №
Neil Lindsay Ruddiman Mundy Grove 506
Nicholas Daines Rutland 1179
Malcolm Jeremy Prentice Carnarvon 1739
Stephen Coates Dorothy Vernon 2129
Cyril Bishton Fairfield 2224
Christopher James Fry Beauchief Abbey 3793
Simon Knox Mellor 3844
Andrew Frederick Roberts Trisantona 3962
Ranjit Singh Dol St Werburga 4147
Martyn John Bertalan Mentor 7064
Wesley James Osborne Mentor 7064
Jacob Cooke Cantelupe 8247
Robert John Van Woerden Spencer 8773
Dylan Thomas Burgess Bretby 9063
Matthew John Hewitson Lutudarum 9363

All will be appointed to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Steward and wear the distinctive red apron and collar.

All Master Masons, Installed Masters and Provincial and Grand Officers in the Province are invited to attend the Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters to support the Provincial Grand Master and the brethren to be honoured.

The evening will also feature a talk on “Masonic VCs in the Great War”, by WBro Granville Angell, PAGPur, the Prestonian Lecturer for 2006.  

All bookings are to be made via the Lodge’s Assistant Secretary.

I am certain that all member of the Province will wish to congratulate these brethren in achieving this distinguished rank.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Edward Foulds
Provincial Grand Secretary

01332 272202

Launch of Provincial website

28th September, 2015

Please follow this link to see a letter announcing the new Provincial website.

Provincial tie

21st July, 2015

Please follow this link to see a letter regarding the Derbyshire Tie.

Appointment of Provincial Communication Officers

9th July, 2015

Dear all

In the address given by the Provincial Grand Master at the Annual Meeting held on the 1st April 2015, he made reference to a review of communications and the importance of engaging with the media and membership. I am pleased to inform you that the Provincial Grand Master has taken the decision to appoint two Provincial Communication Officers. WBro Steven Williams is responsible for Media and Public Relations and WBro Tony Harvey is responsible for Membership and Internal Communications. Both appointments are with immediate effect.

WBro Steven Williams will be responsible for all aspects of external communications and for maintaining relationship with the Community, Police, Charities, Press, Religious Organisations and Local Government.

WBro Tony Harvey will be responsible for all aspects of internal communications, publication standards, the Provincial Website and the use of social media.

A new Provincial Website incorporating social media is in the advance stage of development. This website will be the cornerstone of future communications with the public and members. Lodges will be encouraged to submit events and activities to the communications team for publication on the website. Those members who use social media will receive notice of events immediately they are posted.

Further information on the formation of the communication team will be communicated mid-August.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Edward Foulds, PPSGW
Provincial Grand Secretary
Telephone 01332 272202

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