60 Years in the Craft!

On Thursday 2nd March the Deputy Provincial Grand Master presented a Certificate of Distinguished Service to Very Worshipful Brother Dr David Ronald Dodsley PGSwdB.

VWB Dodsley was initiated into Freemasonry on the 30th January 1957 at the Masonic Hall, Gower Street, Derby on the occasion of the 52nd Regular meeting of Mentor Lodge. The Worshipful Master at the time was WBro SG Woods.

Some 60 years later he was back, again in Mentor Lodge but this time on the occasion if their 551st meeting and his Diamond Anniversary Celebration.

He is a Derbyshire Mason but his parents originated from Loscoe. His career was in medicine but also was called to National Servive in 1945 where he met with many Freemasons and his interest was sparked. Once demobbed he resumed medical practise and was proposed into Freemasonry by Dr Reginald Latham Brown.

More photographs and information is available on this link: http://www.stranfaer.com/mentor/

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