News & events

News & events

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The Future of Freemasonry - 2020 Strategy

The Future of Freemasonry - 2020 Strategy

You can find out all about UGLE's strategy for the Future of Freemasonry. This information will be kept up to date as the strategy develops.

Charitable activities

Charitable activities

The Province's own charity, the seventy five Lodges in Derbyshire and individual brethren all give of their time and money to assist those in need.

Welcome to the official website for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire Freemasons

This site is intended for members of this Province, other Freemasons and for the public in general. Its purpose is twofold:

  • to provide a complete and accurate source of up-to-date information about Craft Freemasonry in Derbyshire
  • to provide another resource through which our members can find out about and engage in our events and activities.

Open and regular communication of information and ideas is key to my vision for Derbyshire to be a strong and growing Province.  A Province that provides a good Masonic education and experience for its members and which engages with its various local communities.

I invite Derbyshire Freemasons to visit the site regularly, use it as their first source of information and to contribute to the sharing of knowledge and ideas.  The site reflects the key areas of development I have identified within Derbyshire.  I have asked the members of the Province who are leading in those areas to keep the rest of us up-to-date with news and developments.

Details of upcoming events and the latest news can be seen, and commented on, by viewing the “News & events” page.  The items in the side bar to the right of every page also contain current and relevant information.

Contributions to the site are most welcome from any member of the Province and can be made in the following ways:

  • by sending event information and news articles & photographs to
  • by using the comment forms on the site’s pages
  • by following our Twitter account, @DerbysCraftPGL

To those who are not Freemasons, please feel free to look around the site. All information is open and accessible. There are no closed or hidden areas.   As Freemasons we stand for integrity, kindness, honesty & fairness and we would like to hear from those who share our values.  The top menu is designed to answer key questions that you might have about us.  If you like what you see, want to know more or just wish to make contact, please use the “Contact us” button.  We welcome your enquiry and some one will get back to you very soon.

Finally, I welcome any feedback about the website from members and non-members alike.  If you have comments, ideas or suggestions I, and the members of my communications team, would like to receive them.  We look forward to hearing from you.

RW Bro. Steven Varley
Provincial Grand Master

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